Jenny Bradley’s 5-star rated book, My Journey Through Other People’s Lives, is now available in audio format.

Jenny Bradley, attorney, and owner of the Triangle Smart Divorce firm in Cary, North Carolina is the author of the book, My Journey Through Other People’s Lives. Originally published in December of 2018 in Kindle and paperback, the 5-star rated book is now available in audio format on The author provides a unique “inside baseball” account of practicing family law, combining ostensibly divergent topics to weave an entertaining and insightful tale.

As noted in the book description, “What do It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia; Chipper Jones and WAR; The Princess Bride; Hurling, an English explorer in Florida in the 1590s; psychology; Game Theory; and a few dozen other equally seemingly unrelated subjects have to do with Family Law? A lot according to Jenny Bradley’s startlingly original take on the law, education, mediation, adultery, and, of course, other lawyers.”

According to the author, a self-described jock, nerd, and lawyer, “I wrote this book to give the public a sneak peek at what it is like to be a family law attorney and to dispel the myth that divorce is always contentious. Through my many years of experience, I have learned that it is possible to find humor and healing within the divorce process. To me, Family Law is about resolving, fixing, healing, being reasonable, and moving on, while understanding the financial and emotional vulnerabilities of our clients. I have applied my experience with mediation to resolve many disputes without having to set foot inside a courtroom. In My Journey Through Other People’s Lives, I share my stories and my clients’ stories to inspire, educate, and demystify the divorce process – with plenty of humor mixed in.”

Amazon reviewers like Roland R. Hicks agree: “There was something different about hearing Jenny tell her story…and her clients’ stories…and her legal philosophy(s) rather than reading them. It didn’t make it more authentic – Jenny is always that – it just added a subtle punch. Maybe it’s just this – it’s good stories told by a good storyteller and somehow it feels – especially the client tales – like it’s only be told to you. Maybe late at night, in a cool bar, over a whiskey or three.”

You can purchase Jenny Bradley’s book, My Journey Through Other People’s Lives in Kindle, paperback, or audio format on

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