Right This Way Planet X

Sun and Moon

end of the world

If you haven’t heard, Planet X is headed for the Earth and will zip by close enough on the 23rd to start a chain reaction of cataclysmic events and .. .well, ‘behold a pale horse’ will be the watchword of the day.

We have a ton of appointments and hearings next week and while it would nice to hunker down and start binge watching shows we’ve missed, we’re going to gut it out and go on as usual. We are, however, going to be working in the office to our brand new ‘SONGS of THE APOCALYPSE‘ playlist.

We thought we’d share if you’d like to follow along at home.

So, here we go:  Starting today, We’re Waiting for the End of World (Elvis Costello) until we get to The End of the World as We Know It (REM). 

This is the Day, (The The):  because, of course, it will be “… the day your life will surely change.”  Mad World, Gary Jules(remake of a Tears for Fears song), “No tomorrow, no tomorrow . . . The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had.” 

Crazy,  Seal – a survival tip –  “But we’re never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy, No we’re never gonna survive unless We are a little Crazy crazy crazy.”  Moby for a description of events as they occur Extreme Ways along with the incomparable Tom Waits – “Well the moon is broken And the sky is cracked”(Come On Up to the House).

Billy Joel has Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway, (hmmm, is it a little weird that the other title to the song is Miami 2017?). Johnny Cash knows that “The hairs on your arm will stand up At the terror in each sip and in each sup” (The Man Comes Around)

The Postal Service sing We Will Become Silhouettes.  Some of us may be Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (any version is fine, though Warren Zevron’s is certainly the most poignant).

All of this will be happening Under the Milkyway, (The Church), probably because someone’s Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing, (Chris Isaac) – for those looking to place blame and guilt (um, all of us?).  How Bizarre  (OMB), certainly. Leonard Cohen’s Everybody Knows, “Everybody knows that the war is over, Everybody knows the good guys lost, Everybody knows the fight was fixed… That’s how it goes, Everybody knows” – pretty good summary
No matter what, though, Don’t Fear the Reaper (BOC) there might still be a Spirit in the Sky, (Norman Greenbaum).
For pure literalness there’s Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes Man on Fire; for a touch of philosophy Johnny Cash singing Springsteen’s Further On Up On the Road . . .; for a touch of hope as the four Horsemen swing by – Leonard Cohen’s Waiting for a Miracle.
Happy End of the World, Let us know if you have other suggestions …. but make them before Saturday.