So, Negotiating …

Remember Taxi? Great show. You may remember the episode where Reverend Jim (Christopher Lloyd) accidentally guts Louie‘s (Danny DeVito) apartment with a flash fire? Shunned and fired from the garage, Jim turns to his very rich, very estranged father to make Louie right.

Jim’s father sends a blank check. The instructions are simple – fill it out for the amount lost and call to confirm. That’s it. And, it’s enough to send Louie into spasms of … well, the decision making process.

He hasn’t prepared for this moment and it shows. Watch below, be sure to stay to the end and the punchline.

So, I guess the thing to take from this – while ignoring Louie’s baser reasons – is pretty simple, a free lesson to my clients: before you start negotiating, know what you want. That’s what YOU want, not what you think everyone else at the table might want. Then, when we mediate and reach an agreement, you’re far more likely to be happy. And, that’s what I want. Contact us.