Triangle Smart Divorce Welcomes Two New Family Law Attorneys, Brook Stuntebeck and Julianne B. Rothert

Jenny Bradley, attorney and owner of Triangle Smart Divorce in Cary North Carolina, is thrilled to announce the additions of Brook Stuntebeck and Julianne B. Rothert to the “Not Your Typical Divorce” firm. 

A 1998 graduate of Georgia Southern University and a 2005 graduate of the College of Law at Georgia State University, Stuntebeck, whose previous family law partner describes her as “a natural” in the area of family law, brings a wealth of legal experience to Triangle Smart Divorce. After thriving at a family law firm in Texas, where she earned recognition as a Texas Rising Star/Best Lawyer, Stuntebeck relocated to North Carolina, bringing her passion for family law, negotiation and strategy, and mediation with her.

Stuntebeck’s philosophy and approach to dealing with clients in the area of family law focuses on their vision for their lives. “I ask them to tell me their ultimate goals so we can figure out a way to get them there in the best way possible while achieving closure,” she explains

In perhaps the most fitting testament to Stuntebeck’s talents and success as a family law attorney, her colleagues — intense Clemson, UNC, NC State, and Penn State fans — are absolutely thrilled to count the avid Georgia Bulldogs fan among the firm’s legal counsel.

Julianne B. Rothert breaks the mold at Triangle Smart Divorce. Her love for practicing family law means she is completely dedicated to every aspect of it. What does it mean when Julianne loves something? The 1997 Clemson graduate adores everything Clemson, especially the football team, so much so that Rothert once attended a regular season Tigers game — also known as the regular ol’ Clemson beatdown — while in labor! Only when the game was over did she go to the hospital to give birth. Rothert credits her daughter, grudgingly, for her patience.

Rothert demonstrates the same level of passion and commitment to her family law clients at Triangle Smart Divorce. However, the Campbell University School of Law, Class of 2002 alum does not hold back when it comes to letting clients know what they do not get. “I will never tell a client what they want to hear,” she explains. “If you want to be told only what you want to hear, I’m not the person to consult. But if you want to get it straight, I’m the attorney for you. You can ask me anything. I’m always here for you.” Rothert was certified as a specialist in family law in 2008, and as a certified family financial mediator in 2011 by the North Carolina State Bar.

Triangle Smart Divorce focuses on helping people make smart decisions that lead to better results for all involved, whether you are starting a relationship, ending a relationship, or already divorced. Ready to get started? Contact them at (919) 977-7007.

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