Diane Allen

Diane Allen


Triangle Smart Divorce’s job postings are legendary (or infamous, in some cases). They are involved, and detailed. We look for specific skills, temperament, experience, energy, knowledge, and the ability to seamlessly fit into a team.

When we post for a paralegal, we’re describing Diane Allen.

Diane began her legal career on the front desk of a small family law firm. She was the first person to greet new clients and put them at ease. Putting family law clients at ease as they head into the process is a skill that cannot be taught.

That Diane was great at it goes without saying. Before long she was preparing every type of legal document as the primary paralegal for the lead attorney. She was in constant contact with clients through every step of their matter including court and mediation.

As a child of divorce, Diane is invested in helping every client achieve the best possible outcome. She ‘gets it’ – she knows, firsthand, the stresses and emotional costs that a family law matter can wrought on all the parties. She listens and she understands.

It’s that hard-earned empathy that puts Diane in a league of her own.

Diane and her husband, Jacob, have two young children and a dog and not all that much free time. Diane enjoys hot yoga when she can and is always up for “trash TV,’ true crime documentaries, and Law and Order SVU.