Child Custody And Support

Separation and divorce affect the children in every possible way, few of them positively. Negotiating for custody of the children is heart-wrenching and exhausting. These two facts are probably all anyone needs to know about the emotional costs of custody disputes.

In a perfect world, the parties calmly discuss what would be best for the children and agree to terms. That may sound idyllic, perhaps ridiculously unattainable, but it – or something close to it – can happen.

What it certainly does not have to be is the flip side of that – where one parent feels like they are losing influence over the children; or where one or both of the parents think they are now entering into a competition for time and affection.

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At Triangle Smart Divorce, we’ve negotiated enough custody cases to know it doesn’t have to be that way. We understand the emotional issues, the stress, the underlying currents involved in every child custody case.

Most importantly, we know what it takes to put together a well-mediated plan. If a party is unreasonable, entrenched, abusive, argumentative or a dozen other obstructionist things, we know how to handle that as well.

Once custody is resolved, it is common to address child support. The North Carolina Child Support Guidelines lay out some rules that will apply to your situation, but each case is different. Self-employed cases, cases with high incomes and cases with special needs often don’t fit in the Guidelines.

To maximize the role in your child’s life, to gain needed support for your role in caring for your child, or to eliminate excessive child support claims on your income, talk to us.