Equitable Distribution And Alimony


The equitable distribution of property and alimony can be perfectly straightforward; that is, if you have a solid and clear prenuptial agreement. Most people, however, don’t make these agreements before marriage. Without one, divorce proceedings are undoubtedly more complicated.

The North Carolina statutes presume that all marital and divisible property are to be split equally. That 50/50 division is assumed to be fair and equitable unless there are additional factors in play. Those additional factors must be proven with real evidence, not just your belief.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that it’s common – if not the norm – for one side or the other or both to dispute any division of or any value of property. It’s human nature. We like to be right.

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Divorce is stressful enough without the conflict over property. There’s an understandable urge to simply give in, to decide that with everything else going on it’s simply not worth it emotionally to argue. In our experience, almost everyone who does that regrets it eventually.

We stand up for you.

For anyone who has financially relied on the other partner, alimony should be expected for a period of time as a part of moving toward a new financial independence, unless your family has been living on credit and well above your means. For anyone who has been the primary provider for the family, we work with you to determine a logic approach to alimony and counsel you on providing support that makes sense in your new normal.

Every county in North Carolina handles alimony differently, and the Triangle area is no exception. If you live here in the Triangle, you should hire an attorney with experience negotiating alimony in this area. That would be Triangle Smart Divorce.