Jessica Eakes

Jessica Eakes



If Jessica Eakes hadn’t found us, odds are high we’d have eventually found her. It just seems like Jessica and Triangle Smart Divorce have been on a collision course for years. Well, at least fifteen years.

That’s how long Jess worked for Wake County’s Human Services Department in Child Support Enforcement. She worked her way up from administrative assistant to Supervisor over eleven senior case managers.

Fifteen years immersed in child support issues across a broad spectrum, some quite complex, almost all requiring a deep knowledge of North Carolina law and . . . well, you get the picture, she knows her stuff.

Jess dealt daily with lawyers, clients, and employees while retaining her sanity and zest to learn and grow. That impressed us even more than her encyclopedia knowledge of North Carolina child support law.

Obviously, she likes people. As many of our clients are people, we considered that a very real, very important asset. Jess also loves a challenge, actually in her words, “needs to be challenged.” Which is why she reached out to us. She wanted more out of her career….A deeper, more well-rounded knowledge of divorce law.

We couldn’t ask for more from a paralegal. Jess started with us almost simultaneously with starting school for her Paralegal Technology Certificate.

Jess grew up on Long Island and is also a Yankees fan. And a Billy Joel fan. Not to mention the Giants and Rangers. Jess graduated from NC State.  Despite all this, Jenny has welcomed her with open arms . . . come to think of it, that may be all the bio she needs.

Jess lives in Garner with her son, Zack, and a husky mix aptly named Lobo. She is currently juggling her job and paralegal classes with dog walking, child schlepping, Legos, and Harry Potter.