Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller

Client Care Coordinator

Jessica Miller is Triangle Smart Divorce’s Client Care Coordinator. It is no exaggeration to say we are fortunate we found each other.

We were looking for someone with great people skills, experience helping families through hard times, and a solid, working knowledge of Family Court.

Jessica was looking for a career change that would allow her to utilize her experience in a setting that encourages growth, innovation, and active problem solving every day in a great environment.

To say we were a match is an understatement. Jessica brings ten years of experience at all levels of Social Services, beginning as an Investigative Assessment & Treatment Social Worker and ending as a Supervisor in charge of a team of social workers.

That was ten years of working with a team to guide families through highly stressful times to solutions that many times resulted in new lives.
Her successes would never have been accomplished without the knowledge and the empathy necessary to understand and connect “with people as they struggle through unexpected life changes.”

Jessica says it best, “I’ve had the opportunity to work with people in some of the worst situations imaginable and help them to come out better on the other side. I believe the most important thing I bring to the table is the ability to truly meet people where they are.”

“To truly meet people where they are” is an insightful job description of her new position.
Jessica was such a good match for us that not only were we willing to overlook her less than enthusiastic embrace of ‘80s music, but we may also start piping in some ‘90s to early ‘00s tunes just for her.

Jessica has a blended family with her husband, Michael (also in the social services field), three children, and a Bearded Dragon named Geico. At this time, it is unclear if they get a car insurance discount for the naming rights. In her off-time Jessica reads, enjoys wine and cooking, and, naturally, Peloton.