Michelle Beckmann

Michelle Beckmann

Client Coordinator


Michelle Beckmann is our Client Coordinator. That means she will be in contact with everyone Triangle Smart Divorce serves from the minute they make the first contact with us until their matters are finalized; and beyond, as we like to keep in touch with our clients.

In short, she’s doing the initial intake and scheduling for our clients, and she’s available to let clients know where in the process their cases are and what to expect going forward.

A client coordinator for Triangle Smart Divorce, though, has to do much more than relay information, vital as that may be.

Our client coordinator needs to be able to relate and empathize with every client.

Michelle fits that bill, and more, in two important ways.

First, Michelle is a retired Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor. After she graduated with honors from UNC-Wilmington, she earned her Master’s Degree from Appalachian State, then worked in the mental health field for a few years before launching her own marriage and family therapy practice.

While Michelle no longer practices, she brings those years of intense experience with families and married couples to Triangle Smart Divorce.

Michelle has seen it all and we are grateful and better for it.

The second reason is more direct – Michelle is in the process of finalizing her own divorce, “The best thing I have ever done, the best money I have spent,” she is quick to point out. Ask her anything about her experience so far and she will add that she “is so much happier” now that the divorce is moving forward.

Her firsthand experiences with the court process combine with her experience and empathy to bring us a Rock Star of a client coordinator.

Michelle lives in Raleigh with her son, age 3, and daughter, age 5. She relaxes whenever she can with hot yoga. She is a disciple of sorts of Blondie and is always willing to discuss her admittedly unexplainable fascination with The Hangover.