Ren Lane

Ren Lane

Legal Assistant

Ren Lane transferred to the University of North Carolina and reveled in being on campus in Chapel Hill. They were looking forward to the last half of their senior year, a great summer, then blasting into the working world.

Those plans were, of course, eviscerated by COVID and Ren spent their last semester in Zoom ‘classrooms.’ That they handled that pressure and isolation while earning their degree in Political Science impressed us.

Pressure, working and studying without structure, and the get up and go required to slog it out on Zoom everyday instead of on a beautiful campus filled with peers is something Triangle Smart Divorce was looking for in a legal assistant.

That they had just earned their paralegal certificate from UNC was another plus.

And . . . they loved ‘80s music.

All that got them a well-deserved job interview. They did the rest and clinched the opening with this tidbit:

They survived a Black Friday (or two) working at Target. Wow. If they could handle the insanity of a Target store on the heaviest and craziest shopping day of the year without snapping or huddling in a corner in the fetal position, they can handle anything we toss at them. Unfazed.

We knew something was up when we interviewed them and we said, “You know, this can be a pretty hectic environment,” and they just smiled knowingly.

When Ren isn’t at work, they can be found lifting weights . . . or making crafts . . . or playing an instrument (percussion and electric guitar, more to come), playing D&D (they make their own dice), diving into Classical political thought and Greek mythology, or preparing to do some acting again.

It just hit us: we’re going to be constantly revising Ren’s bio.