Tammy Kendall

Tammy Kendall


Tammy Kendall comes to Triangle Smart Divorce with more than twenty years’ experience as a paralegal. She’s seen it all – separation, divorce, child custody, support, alimony, and more. 

What’s more, she’s been Lisa LeFante’s paralegal for the last ten years. They came to Triangle Smart Divorce as somewhat of a package deal. 

We’ve been struggling to describe how well Tammy and Lisa work together. ‘They’re in sync’ was too much of a cliché; ‘They’re copacetic’ just didn’t sound right; ‘They’re the Brady to Gronkowski of the North Carolina legal community’ was rejected for obvious reasons. 

Then, thanks to late night TV syndication, it hit us. MASH, Radar O’Reilly and Henry Blake (though Lisa has it a lot more together than the good colonel). They’ve worked together so long, through so many tense cases, that Tammy can anticipate what Lisa, the client, and the case needs well before it’s obvious. It may be quiet in their corner of the office but that doesn’t mean no one’s communicating. 

Tammy started as a paralegal in Western New York State and will readily support Lisa’s ‘walking to school up hill in both directions in a blizzard’ claim. 

Tammy and her husband, Robert, and their two children escaped the cold and wind of New York twelve years ago and were thrilled to settle in the one place they’d always said they wanted to live.