Charting Your Path: Vision Planning for Marriage and Divorce Transitions

Charting Your Path: Vision Planning for Marriage and Divorce Transitions

Have you recently been contemplating any of the following questions?

  • Is my marriage really that bad?
  • Where do I even start if I know I want a divorce?
  • How does separation work?

It can be difficult to know what your next steps are when you don’t have answers to these questions. At Triangle Smart Divorce, we understand how overwhelming it is to ponder such significant questions about your relationship and your future, which is why we offer a service called Vision Planning. We want to provide you with the tools you need to figure out what your future will look like if you choose to stay in your marriage or follow through with a separation or divorce.

What Is Vision Planning?

Vision Planning is a service that grew from the overwhelming need for people to gain clarity about their marriage. It’s easy to assume that once someone considers divorce, they’re sold on the idea and are prepared to execute the process, when in reality, many people are unsure of what divorce entails or if it’s even the right path for them and their marriage.

With Vision Planning, we can help you understand the options you have for making a change in your life, whether that’s setting up strategies to repair your marriage or evaluating separation or divorce methods. While we can’t be the ones to make the ultimate decision for you, we can provide you with the information you need so that you can do so confidently!

We can also discuss what the future may look like for your kids, your assets, and your home if you were to separate or get a divorce, as well as the financial aspects involved in each of your options, like the cost of our lawyers’ services. It’s understandable, and frankly smart, that you want to know this kind of information before making decisions that will affect the rest of your life.

No matter your worries or fears, we understand what you’re going through, and more importantly, we listen to the things that are keeping you up at night. With Vision Planning, we apply our knowledge and experience to provide you with a range of possible outcomes for if you stay or if you go. You get the answers you need to make a confident decision about the rest of your life.

Benefits Of Vision Planning

There are many benefits to taking advantage of our Vision Planning service, including but not limited to the following:

  • Everything shared with us is attorney-client privileged. Nothing you say and nothing that we discuss during your time with us will make it back to your spouse, or anyone else. Our offices are a safe space, so you can trust that you can share your thoughts, concerns, and details of your marriage with a trusted partner.
  • You get real legal advice and answers before making any decisions. While the internet can be a great resource, it didn’t go to law school, and it cannot tell you how state and local rules and laws will affect your unique case.
  • You get priority for scheduling calls and appointments, meaning your wait time is much less than that of a prospective client. You can email or call our paralegals and attorneys with quick questions or update us with new information. When you need to share or gain peace of mind, we’re here to provide the support and responsiveness you deserve.
  • When our firm reaches a certain number of cases, we may limit our onboarding of new cases so that our current clients can be served fully and we aren’t spread too thin. However, if you hire us to help you with Vision Planning and decide on a separation or divorce down the road, we don’t consider you as a prospective client as you are already in our ecosystem. You won’t have to start from scratch with a new firm. You have us in your back pocket, if or when you need us.
  • You’ll have access to our network of referrals. From therapists to financial advisors to home repairs, we’ve got a robust roster of professionals who we recommend so highly that we’d see them ourselves!

Tips If You’re Considering Separation

  1. Move your documents and records somewhere else. Whether that is to a friend’s house or your attorney’s office. A spiteful spouse might go through your desk, briefcase, computer, phone, vehicle, telephone records, or bills to find evidence they can use against you in your divorce. Also, be sure to monitor your finances; if the money’s gone when you separate, it’s going to be complicated to get it back.
  2. Open a bank account in your name if you don’t have one. You can use it to pay your legal fees so that your spouse does not see them on any joint statements if you aren’t ready for them to know yet.
  3. Remember: two people cannot live as cheaply as one can, especially if separated and trying to maintain two households. That being said, now is the time to cut costs. Cancel anything you don’t need or use, like streaming services or landlines.
  4. Make a list of everything in your house. Take pictures or videos to keep inventory of your belongings, including furniture, appliances, clothing, and jewelry, and date the photos so you’ll know if anything ends up missing or is damaged.

What Triangle Smart Divorce Recommends

At Triangle Smart Divorce, we understand that change and the unknown are scary, so much so that you may even be contemplating staying in an unhappy situation because you are comfortable. Taking the first step is always the hardest, but luckily for you, the first step and our number one recommendation is Vision Planning. Planning makes a huge difference if you take the divorce route, as it prepares you for the legal and emotional implications of the journey ahead. Vision Planning can also help you determine if your marriage can be repaired or improved.

We understand that you might find solace in a well-meaning friend or even Google when it comes to divorce matters, but don’t confuse those things with the help of an experienced family lawyer. We are your safety net. We’re here to catch you when the uncertainties of your future feel all-consuming. We will help you make smart decisions when it comes to separation and divorce. We will ensure that your documents are in place, and that you’re aware of options that might simplify the process or even save you time, money, and stress.

If you have been struggling with the decision of “should I stay or should I go?” our Vision Planning services may be exactly what you need to figure it out. We recommend you do three things: hire a therapist, hire a financial advisor, and hire us. We will work collaboratively with them to help you process your emotions, envision your next chapter, and take the next steps in turning the page.

Call today to schedule an appointment and learn more.