The one constant in life is that things change.

No one, in fact, can count on anything in their life staying the same over years. And yet, divorce, custody, alimony, and separation agreements are signed seemingly without regard to life’s twists and turns.

That’s why the Court will hear motions to modify existing Orders when circumstances warrant.

What circumstances, you may ask? Perhaps you have lost your job. Maybe one of the children graduated from high school. Maybe the custody schedule just isn’t working for anyone – the kids included.

If these or any of a dozen other day-to-day changes pop up, a modification may be appropriate.

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It’s not always easy, but it can be done by convincing the Court that there has been a substantial change in circumstances since the Order was entered and a modification would be in order.

Of course, if you and your ex can agree on the change before heading to Court (hey, we are optimists), then the process is, of course, a lot simpler.

And, as always when two reasonable adults agree to agree between themselves and leave a stranger (with a lot of power) out of it, you tend to get a modification you both can tolerate better than a stranger’s decision.

Every county in North Carolina handles modification differently, and the Triangle area is no exception. If you live here in the Triangle, you should hire an attorney with experience modify existing Orders in this area. That would be Triangle Smart Divorce.