Your case is over, the dust has settled, you’re easing into a new routine, starting to enjoy a new life and . . . bam, the other side decides not to follow the Order or your Agreement.

You’re stuck.

What happens next?

You need an Enforcer. One with a particular set of skills acquired over long years of . . . well, you get the point: call your attorney. Now.

You have options.

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Depending on the type of document that resolved your case, you may need to request that the Court hold the other side in contempt to either punish them or to compel them to follow the Order.

Or, you may need to ask the Court for damages under your Agreement (AKA breach of contract).

Or, you may ask that the Court order that the other side perform a specific duty required by your Agreement (AKA specific performance).

What does all this mean in plain English? Simple, you have remedies. One thing about Courts throughout the land – they do not like having their orders ignored or flouted or both.

You need a team who understands and can explain your options to you.  That is what we do.