Mediation is an important tool in Family Law matters. Actually, it’s more than that; it’s sometimes vital – for the very simple, very human reason that an agreement ‘hammered’ out by the parties stands a much – much – better chance of being followed. Think about it, would you rather work something out face to face with mature, reasonable, back and forth between the parties and their lawyers, or would you rather have a stranger issue orders based on what he or she thinks they know about your case?

No one likes to be told what to do, especially when it comes to something as intimate as family and finances. No one likes to think they have no input into the important decisions in their lives. Mediation is the opportunity to avoid being ‘ordered’ what to do and participate in a decision-making process. It’s really that simple.

The decision to participate in mediation as an alternative to court in a family law matter may seem like an easy one. What’s important after that decision is to pick the right lawyer. Mediation has its own, unique, skill set. It takes training; it takes empathy, it takes knowledge, patience, compassion, and resolve. Not much of this is taught in law school; some may be acquired with additional training and course work to reach a level of mastery, and it takes years of experience.

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The only way to become really good at mediation is to participate in mediation on a regular basis, from a number of different aspects.

Jenny, Julianne and Brook have been appointed by the courts to act as a mediator. Additionally, the attorneys at Triangle Smart Divorce have been asked by scores of clients to represent them through the mediation process.

Through child custody, divorce, separation, alimony, property division, and every other issue that can arise in a Family Law situation, Triangle Smart Divorce attorneys have worked tirelessly to move people past hostilities to amicable resolutions.

Mediation avoids prolonged disputes, saves expenses, time, stress, and establishes goodwill. Triangle Smart Divorce will work hard to get you to the best solution with as few headaches and days in court as possible. The process is hard enough without dealing with self-interested attorneys in the mix extending the process and adding only more billable hours.