Who we are?

Triangle Smart Divorce, founded in 2017, is a family law firm in Cary, North Carolina. We protect smart people from making stupid mistakes when getting married or divorced. While most of our cases involve divorce and separations, we also have clients come to us for various family law matters, including prenups, postnups, domestic partnership agreements, modifications, and more. We love family law, and the work we do makes a difference in our clients’ lives!

Triangle Smart Divorce is an entrepreneurial law firm. We are small enough that everyone is a critical part of the Team, yet big enough to offer security and benefits. It is a workplace where you know the owner, have daily interactions with clients and have an active role in growing the Firm.

We use a collaborative approach at Triangle Smart Divorce. We help each other out. We share cases. It’s not every person for themselves. We’ve built a Team that we are proud of. You can learn more about each employee here.

What we believe in

We are straight-shooters. We are listeners. We are compassionate and empathetic. We believe honesty is the best policy. We believe in getting our clients the best solution with as few headaches and days in Court as possible. We work hard to settle cases through alternative dispute resolution when at all possible, but we are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and throw some punches in Court when that is the best option available. We believe in being a guide and an advocate through the process for our clients and their family.

We believe in working hard, but we have fun while doing it. Our tag line is “not your typical law firm,” and that applies to our workplace as well. We want to push the boundaries that typical law firms don’t. We actively market our Firm to continue bringing in more of our ideal clients. We have a “no assholes policy” when it comes to clients (we even give our clients a guide called “How to be an ‘A’ Client”). We understand that your job is not your entire life, and we encourage employees to have a life outside of work. We believe having employees who have well-rounded lives make us all more successful.

We are a data-driven firm, and we love systems. What does this mean for you? It means that we focus on causes that lead to effects. And our hiring, onboarding, and training are systematized and designed to help you succeed in your role here on our Team. We are firm believers in the Predictive Index, which is backed by 60 plus years of behavioral science. By understanding our drives, we can learn about our needs and, thus, reasonably accurately predict our behaviors in given situations. We also conduct interviews and administer quizzes to help us evaluate cultural fit and technical skills.

Once the Firm hires you, we have a rigorous training program where you learn more about the Firm, how we do things, why we do the things we do and don’t do the things we don’t, as well as the various policies, systems, and procedures we have in place to help perform at your best. Training doesn’t stop with onboarding, though. We offer in-house workshops, support personal development workshops, as well as send you to technical seminars. You also will have opportunities to learn on your own here at Triangle Smart Divorce.

We protect smart people from making stupid mistakes when getting married or divorced.

Our SMART Core Values


We create value for our clients with our services. The value of our service isn’t measured merely
in a financial sense but also in how we help them manage their time and reputation.


Being mindful of our feelings and thoughts helps us be more
aware when dealing with others and with ourselves.


We are true to who we are. We are not
afraid to express ourselves.


We take personal responsibility for our actions and the
effects of those actions and ask the same of our clients.


We speak the truth, even when it isn’t pretty. We are open
and honest in our communications.

Let's get down to it. What are the perks of working here?

Hybrid Work Schedule. We are open 8:30 am – 5:00 pm M-F, but we understand that life happens. We know some days you might want or need to work from home. We give our employees the flexibility they need to produce the best work and live their lives. As long as you show up in person when needed and get accomplished what needs to be done, we can be flexible with your work schedule.

Casual Dress Code. No one wants to be uncomfortable at work, and wearing a suit will not make you any more productive. We have a casual dress code and let employees wear what they want (within reason). If we are going to Court or meeting with clients, we will dress more formally, but if your day doesn’t involve either of these situations, feel free to wear jeans or shorts every day (not just Fridays once a month).

1-on-1 Meetings with the C-Suite Monthly. Every month, our C-Suite holds 1-on-1’s with every employee. It’s an uninterrupted, scheduled time to talk about your personal, professional, and financial goals and ask any questions you have! Our C-Suite also helps you develop pathways to achieve your goals.

Daily Huddle. Every morning, all employees get together, in person or over zoom, to talk about their tasks for the day. It makes sure everyone is on the same page, and when people need help, they can get it quickly.

Free Covered Parking. We have a few different parking options, but most are covered lots. No more walking into the office in the rain or coming back to a car that is overheated!

Free Gym. Our building has a complimentary, 24-hour gym, with lockers, showers, weights, ellipticals, treadmills, and the highly coveted Pelotons.

Greenway Access. Our parking lot has a path right to the Crabtree Creek Greenway. Ride bikes, walk, or run before or after work without having to drive to a trailhead!

Employee of the Month. Every month, all employees vote on the employee of the month. First place gets a gift card, and second place gets to pick the music played in the office for a day (within reason)!

Book Club. Quarterly book club meetings over lunch to discuss growth-minded or mindset-related books that help us provide more value to our clients and help you think of things differently. We believe personal growth proceeds all professional growth, so we pay you to read and discuss what you have read. Yes, we pay you to read!

Stocked Drink Fridge and Coffee/Tea. Like a particular soda or sparkling water brand? How about a coffee, tea, or flavored cream? Let us know, and we’ll make sure it’s at the office for you every day!

Discount Codes to Local Vendors. They vary, but we’ll let you know what we have when you start!

Music. We play music throughout the office daily. Yes, a lot of it is 80’s music, but we play plenty that is not as well, but you will have to get second place in the Employee of the Month Contest to hear country music.

100% Employer-Paid Health insurance. We believe health insurance is a fundamental right and want to ensure you aren’t stressed about your medical expenses.

Paid vacations. As we said, we work hard, but we also believe in playing hard. We all need to recharge from now and then so we can show up as the best version of ourselves. (As a side note, the office is also closed on State Court holidays.)

Employer-Paid Short and Long-Term Disability. If you have an acute or chronic condition, we help you out so you can focus on getting better.

401(K). Including a 3% employer non-elective contribution for every full-time employee, regardless of whether they contribute to the Plan. Planning for the long-term future is something we help every client with, and it is no different for our Team.

Salaries. We are on the high-end of average salaries for our local market by position, and we offer bonuses based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each position, as well as discretionary bonuses.

Are you convinced?

We are a small business, but we want to have an enormous impact. We are constantly growing and looking for more people who fit our company culture to join the Team! Below are the positions we currently have available. The positions are more than a job for the right people; they’re a career.

How We Hire

What can I expect the hiring process to look like?

Step one in our hiring process is an initial screening by our Director of Operations. If you make it past step one, you will receive a link to take the Predictive Index (PI) assessment. Based on a comparison of your assessment to our job pattern, the third step for select candidates is a phone call with our Director of Operations.


After this initial phone call, step four involves scheduling candidates who we want to continue through the process to interview in person. We will also send you a written quiz.


After we receive quiz results, we will move a small number of candidates through to step five which is another in-person interview where you will get a chance to meet with many of our current employees and ask them questions.


If you are selected as our next hire, we will email you an offer letter. Depending on our current caseload, this process typically takes about a month.

Can I apply for more than one open role?

While you are certainly allowed to apply for more than one open role, please only apply to positions for which you believe you are qualified.

How will my candidacy be assessed?

At Triangle Smart Divorce, we want to hire people who will be around for a while and grow with the Team. We evaluate candidates based on if they have the right skills for the job as well as if they will be culture fit for our company.


We put a lot of thought into figuring out exactly what type of person we want for each job. We look at what the position’s overall goals will be, what the everyday looks like, and how they fit into the existing Team. We use this information to create job ads that realistically outline responsibilities, day-to-day tasks, and must-have and nice-to-have hard and soft skills.


Throughout our interview process, we assess if candidates’ skills, strengths, experience, as well as their needs, match with the position we have available.


We also have each candidate take The Predictive Index. The Predictive Index tells us what uniquely motivates and drives you, how you prefer to work and communicate with others, and how you’d mesh with our current Team.  It is not a test, there are no wrong or right answers, but it does help us learn more about you beyond your cover letter and resume.


We want to make sure every employee views working at Triangle Smart Divorce as a mutually beneficial relationship. We are a place where you can thrive and use your skills productively.  We believe that if employees are utilized correctly and able to build productive relationships within our Team they are likely to become top performers.