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Relocation in the context of family law refers to moving a significant distance from one’s current residence, often for reasons such as employment opportunities, closer proximity to family, or for a fresh start. However, when matters like child custody and child support have been established, attempting to relocate can introduce a layer of complexity to these already delicate situations.

The Complexity of Moving, Especially Across State Lines

When family law agreements or orders are in place, moving to a new location, especially across state lines, can affect these arrangements significantly. Jurisdictional differences can lead to complexities in enforcing or modifying existing orders. Each state has its own set of laws governing family law matters, and what applies in one state may not necessarily apply in another.

If you are separated or divorced, especially if you are separated or divorced and have children, it can make relocating complicated and requires careful navigation of legal channels.

How Relocation Affects Child Support

Relocation will significantly affect you if you have children you co-parent with your ex. When considering relocation, it’s essential to understand that child support orders may need adjustment.

Several factors can necessitate this change, including but not limited to:

  • If relocation changes the custody arrangement, this could significantly impact the child support calculations.
  • Moving to an area with a different cost of living may require recalculating child support to ensure that it adequately meets the child’s needs.
  • Either parent experiencing a significant change in income due to relocation, such as obtaining a higher-paying job or losing employment, can affect support payments.

Modifying a child support order typically involves:

  • Filing a Motion: The parent seeking modification must file a motion with the court that issued the original order, outlining the reasons for the requested change.
  • Providing Evidence: The court will require evidence of the changed circumstances warranting the modification. This might include financial documents, employment offers, or proof of a new cost of living.
  • Court Review and Decision: The court will review the case, considering the child’s best interests, before deciding to adjust the child support order accordingly.

You can learn more about child support modification here.

How Relocation Affects Child Custody

Relocation can significantly affect child custody arrangements, particularly when one parent plans to move a considerable distance away. The primary considerations include:

  • Best Interests of the Child: Courts will consider how the move impacts the child’s well-being, including their emotional, educational, and social needs.
  • Existing Custody Order and Parenting Plan: The feasibility of maintaining the current custody arrangement and adhering to the parenting plan post-relocation is a crucial factor.
  • Ability to Preserve Relationships: The court evaluates the relocating parent’s plan to ensure the child maintains a strong relationship with the non-relocating parent.
  • Motives: The Court will consider the motives of the person seeking the move and the integrity of the person resisting the move.

Most court orders require the relocating parent to notify the other parent of the move within a specified period. The non-relocating parent may consent to the move and agree to a new custody arrangement.

If the non-relocating parent opposes the move, the relocating parent must file a motion to relocate with the court, outlining how the move is in the child’s best interest. The court will evaluate the motion, considering the reasons for the move, its benefits to the child, and how it affects the child’s relationship with both parents. After hearing testimony and receiving evidence, the court may then order a modification of the custody arrangement to accommodate the relocation while protecting the child’s best interests.

You can learn more about child custody modification here.

While this can all be overwhelming, parents must approach relocation with thoughtful consideration and the guidance of experienced legal counsel to ensure their children are protected.

Before You Move, Have a Legal Team On Your Side

Moving is challenging, but having an experienced modification attorney can at least give you peace of mind that the legal stuff is handled. If you have any outstanding family law matters that relocation affects, an attorney will:

  • Provide personalized legal advice tailored to your situation, helping you understand your rights and obligations under North Carolina law.
  • Negotiating terms that protect your interests and seek amicable solutions that serve the best interests of your children and family.
  • Represent you in court to ensure your relocation requests are heard and considered fairly, focusing on achieving the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Begin Your New Journey with Confidence

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