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  • The arguments.
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Divorce doesn't have to be difficult. 
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Preparing for divorce

Divorce is one of the most difficult crossroads in life. It’s easy to make emotional decisions, but if you find yourself looking for a divorce lawyer, it’s safe to say that it’s likely time to start making strategic decisions.

At Triangle Smart Divorce,
family law is all we do.

Our main focus is helping you divorce without drama. Spending years in court is not going to help you move forward. That’s our goal. However, we understand that mediation is not always possible. In those cases, you have a fierce team of professionals behind you ensuring you get the best possible outcome.

Where are you at right now?

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How can we help you?

Triangle smart divorce

A typical divorce in North Carolina

There are exits off this road, skip some steps depending on situation, this process outline below is generic.

  • Have a

    Have a consultation

    During the initial consultation, we’ll ask a lot of questions! We want to fully understand what’s going on and ensure that you receive the best advice possible.

  • Hire an

    Hire an attorney

    We know it can be challenging to find a good attorney. When you feel confident that you’ve found the right one for your situation, stick with them.

  • Gather financial

    Gather financial information

    Fact — A lot of people don’t like dealing with numbers. We’re here to help you come up with all of the documents needed to evaluate your situation thoroughly.

  • Determine whether
    to stay or go

    Determine whether to stay or go

    The truth is… only YOU can decide when it’s time to leave. Just know that we’re here to help guide you through the process, whatever it may be.

  • Make a settlement

    Make a settlement proposal

    Once we know what you’re working with, we can draft a settlement. Here, matters like child support and custody, alimony, and property division are all put into writing.

  • Negotiate, mediate,
    or file a lawsuit

    Negotiate, mediate, or file a lawsuit

    Depending on how well the settlement is received, we’ll discuss which strategies will be the most effective moving forward.

  • Initial

    Initial disclosures

    If spouses are headed for court, all parties must provide “initial disclosures.” It’s A LOT of information that lists all assets and debts, who owns what, and the acquisition dates

  • Temporary

    Temporary hearing

    Divorce doesn’t happen overnight. A temporary hearing (if needed) is a way for the court to interject and make decisions over imperative matters like child custody and support.

  • Court-ordered

    Court-ordered mediation

    Mediation is mandatory in North Carolina. (this is a good thing!) It’s a final opportunity for arrangements to be agreed upon and settled outside of court.

  • Discovery


    During the discovery process, you can request additional information that will be used to help build your case — Statements, depositions, interrogatories, etc.

  • Pre-trial

    Pre-trial conferences

    Conferences with the judge to set deadlines so your case continues to move through the system and to resolve any minor discovery disputes. At the time the court can also appoint experts if necessary.

  • Trials and

    Trials and hearings

    Once we have the facts and figures of your case, we can draft a settlement. Here, matters like child support and custody, alimony, and property division are all put into writing.

If you’d rather DITCH the headache and heartache and MOVE ON peacefully with grace, then we are the divorce firm to call.

Of course, sometimes you have to deal with a contested divorce.

But let’s face it: The high road is less traveled.

Meaning — We’ll get you to where you want to go faster.

You just have to trust the process.

What our clients say

"Across three states, Jenny was hands-down the best divorce lawyer I worked with! Authentic, savvy, insightful, tough, empathetic and effective. Can ’t say enough good things about her."


Former Client

"The entire staff at Triangle Smart Divorce has been wonderful. My divorce has been extremely complicated and difficult, they have helped and been successful at every turn. They are more than competent and are also very compassionate individuals. They will and do walk you through each and every step to obtain the best results for you. An amazing team!"


Former Client

"I would rate everything about my experience with Triangle Smart Divorce as 5 stars. The hardest step of any big decision is the first step. Jessica set the tone from the very first phone call. She was compassionate, calming and reassuring. The whole team has continued to work to maintain a supportive environment during the most difficult time of my life. I’m very grateful."


Former Client

"Jenny Bradley and her team at Triangle Smart Divorce was the best decision I made. "


Former Client

"Great firm! An outstanding group of professionals who are knowledgeable and care about their clients. I recommend Julianne and the firm to my clients and friends needing divorce and family law services."


Former Client

"I felt heard, understood and listened to. Always there when I needed them! Had my best interest at heart and never let me down!"


Former Client

"Outstanding firm. Try to work with their clients. Listens like a therapist. I am thoroughly pleased with the services I have been provided."


Former Client

Our SMART Core Values


We create value for our clients with our services. The value of our service isn’t measured merely
in a financial sense but also in how we help them manage their time and reputation.


Being mindful of our feelings and thoughts helps us be more
aware when dealing with others and with ourselves.


We are true to who we are. We are not
afraid to express ourselves.


We take personal responsibility for our actions and the
effects of those actions and ask the same of our clients.


We speak the truth, even when it isn’t pretty. We are open
and honest in our communications.

Meet Your Team

Our practice is entirely dedicated to helping couples move forward with confidence when dealing with divorce. You’re not alone.

Learning center

Want to know how to prepare for divorce? Use our free resources to guide you. Our mission is to get you to where you want to be — without years of legal fees, court battles and emotional damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I want a divorce?

If you’re ever considering getting a divorce, you should speak to somebody about it. Reach out to your biggest supporters and keep them close. When you’re ready, get in touch with one of our experienced divorce attorneys to discuss all of the SMART strategies available to you.

My spouse filed for divorce — what should I do?

We understand this can be a pretty stressful situation. In North Carolina, spouses are required to live in separate homes for at least a year before becoming eligible for divorce. The time apart allows couples time to work on things and better scope out a future without their partner. You can take this process slow and make sure that you both make the best decisions for the family.

Regardless of what stage of divorce you find yourself in, you should reach out to a divorce attorney who can give you sound advice (with your best interests in mind.)

Who will get the kids? Who will keep the house?

In an ideal situation, spouses will agree on these matters together. However… respectfully considering each other’s wants and needs, handling assets and debts, AND prioritizing children isn’t exactly straightforward. When divorcing couples cannot agree on important decisions, they should enlist the help of a divorce attorney or mediation service to help find some middle ground.

What will happen to my business if we separate?

During a divorce, your business is considered “separate property” if you owned it before the marriage. Otherwise, North Carolina follows the equitable distribution law. If your business was acquired after marriage, it’s subject to an “equitable” split between spouses. Equitable doesn’t necessarily mean an equal split, but it will be fair. The courts will assess several different factors when determining equitability.

What is mediation and why should I care?

It can be challenging to know how to resolve conflict when it arises. In some cases, we want to ignore it entirely and hope that it will go away on its own. At other times, we want to punish the other side and bring justice down on them. In the long run, both approaches tend to backfire… Thankfully, there’s another way. Mediation.

Here are some of the benefits of mediation:

  • Avoid court and resolve disputes faster than traditional divorce proceedings.
  • Take control over the outcomes for you and your family. (make decisions for yourself)
  • Maintain a decent relationship moving forward.

When should I get back out there?

Many people consider divorce to be a transformation. But, that transformation doesn’t necessarily end when you sign your final divorce papers. How do you know when you’re ready to get back in the dating scene? How can we help you be prepared? 

Our firm has seen a lot, heard a lot, and learned a lot about what makes relationships work and how they can last.

Check out our Dating After Divorce Course. It’s a completely free resource we’ve created based on experts sharing their thoughts on how and when to date after you’ve gone through a divorce.

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