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Which Of These Most Resembles You?

We specialize in helping people make smart decisions that lead to better results for all involved whether you are starting a relationship, ending a relationship, or already divorced. Select which situation most resembles yours below:

Ending a Relationship?

Don’t know where to start? Worried about how your children will be affected? Are financial consequences weighing you down? Does everything feel uncertain? You are not alone. Click to continue.



Have circumstances changed since your Agreement was signed? Has your ex been ignoring the court order? Do you need help making smart decisions on next steps? You do have options.


Getting married? Considering having a prenup? Buying a house or large asset together, but not getting married? Not sure where to begin, but making smart decisions is important to you?

5 Great Reasons

To Choose Triangle Smart Divorce



You have made an important decision in your life. We respect you for that. You deserve to hear the good, the bad and the ugly about your divorce with no b.s.



You worked hard for your money.  Wasted time is wasted money.  We will have strategy meetings with you throughout your case to determine the best path to take while being mindful of your budget.



You know your life better than anyone.  We listen before we advise.  There are no one-size fits all solutions.



You have your own motivations, needs, and emotions.  We work to understand them so we can help shape a better result for you.



You are going through one of the most stressful events in life.  We take your wellbeing as seriously as our own.

We respect your privacy and the delicacy of your situation. Many people we help request absolute discretion. Therefore, feel free to enter “that secret email address” no one knows about. We don’t want to send confidential information to a work or personal email that may be accessed by anyone from whom you’d rather not share…

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