Divorce Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

The Fear of Divorce/ Triangle Smart Divorce / Cary Divorce and Family Law Attorney Jenny Bradley

It’s that time of year again. Halloween. Scary movies. Ghosts. Goblins. Vampires.  Werewolves and more.

As scary as those creatures are, we have had clients tell us that divorce is even scarier. But it doesn’t have to be that way, don’t let the fear of divorce limit your happiness.  Working with a family law firm that has helped thousands of people with their divorces can help take away a lot of fear surrounding divorce. Here’s how:

Preparing You for a Big Leap

If you are consulting with a divorce law firm, you are taking a bold, big step to change your “normal.” That can, in and of itself, be scary.  But, if you have an experienced team letting you know what to expect, what your options are, and how the process works, then you can prepare for the Big Leap and the excitement on the other side! Without the fear of divorce, you can live the life you want to live versus giving into shame and guilt and not taking the steps that are best for you and your future.

Letting You Know You Aren’t a Failure

In the words of Robert Kiyosaki, “Successful people don’t fear failure but understand it’s necessary to learn and grow from.” If your marriage has failed, that doesn’t mean YOU are a failure. We help you see how you can learn and grow from your experiences and build a brighter future. This is the biggest fear most of our clients say they are dealing with…facing their failure. To that, we say, “We should fear regret more than failure.” Have you tried everything you can to save your marriage? If so, then you should have no regrets, and you can accept failure as part of the growth process. If you haven’t tried everything you can, our team will challenge you to do so.

Helping Your Visualize Your Future

Only you know what you really want, but so many people answer that question based on someone else’s goals or expectations, not based on their own feelings. Maybe you don’t know if you even want a divorce. Our team is not here to convince you that you need one, we’re here to help you explore your options by asking you the right questions to help you decide which path to take. We will ask you where you see yourself a year or two from now if you do nothing different and see if that’s where you want to be versus what does your future look like if you take Path A, B, or C. In other words, we help you build a personal roadmap and a strategy to get to your individual goals. There is no one-size-fits-all option. So don’t let the fear of divorce prevent you from taking action.

Considering a divorce can be scary and overwhelming, but with a solid team, it doesn’t have to be. Triangle Smart Divorce is not your typical law firm and we pride ourselves on being compassionate, empathetic, and shooting it straight. The fear of divorce / Triangle Smart Divorce / Jenny Bradley

Give us a call to set up a strategy session so you can learn about your options and the process. Knowing what to expect is the anecdote for many fears!

Maybe you have a friend or family member who is scared about the possibility of divorce and is paralyzed with fear. Please pass this article on to them. We love helping people through the process of figuring out a plan and implementing it, whatever it might look like.

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