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No matter what reasons you have for considering or deciding to divorce your spouse, it can be a difficult process to navigate on your own. There are mental, emotional, and financial implications that can easily become overwhelming. It’s crucial to make informed decisions regarding your assets, property, debts, and children (if you have them), but it’s understandable how daunting that can feel.

At Triangle Smart Divorce, we understand what you’re going through. We want to help ease the transition of divorce so that you can reach your ideal outcome and create a better life for yourself.

Whether you and your spouse are prepared to divorce amicably, or you’re at odds with one another, our Clayton divorce lawyers can guide you through each element of the divorce process so that you can close this chapter of life and begin a new one.

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How Our Clayton Divorce Lawyers Can Help

While divorce lawyers are absolutely necessary in contentious situations, they’re also necessary when spouses are on the best of terms. Divorce involves a myriad of deeply personal and important details and decisions. If you and your spouse have a civil relationship, it may be easy to agree on certain things at first. However, when you begin to really dive into matters like who’s keeping the house, or the car, or rental property, you might quickly realize that you aren’t seeing eye-to-eye about everything you expected to be. That’s where our Clayton divorce lawyers come in. We can give you an advantage in securing the things that matter most to you.

At Triangle Smart Divorce, we go beyond walking you through the various tasks of the divorce process; we prepare for the “what ifs” and the unforeseen conflict that may arise. Our ability to adapt and change course when necessary can save you time, money, and stress. Allow us to handle the legal intricacies of your divorce while you navigate processing your emotions and moving forward.

We Protect Smart People From Making Stupid Mistakes During Divorce

Whether you are beginning to consider your options, or your mind is already made up, our Clayton divorce lawyers are ready to help. We understand that no two marriages are the same, so a divorce won’t be any different. You can trust that we won’t offer a cookie-cutter solution to your complex issues. We will tailor a strategy to your unique needs after taking the time to understand your story and goals for your life post-divorce.

While we prefer to leave the court out of the equation to eliminate drama and stress, we know that isn’t possible for every couple. If negotiation is out of the question, we will fight for your rights in the courtroom, especially if you’re married to someone who is high-conflict, has a personality disorder, or a history of domestic violence or substance abuse. If that is unfortunately the case, we know how to protect you.

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Whether you and your spouse are in agreement on every aspect of your divorce, or you can’t even be in the same room anymore, our Clayton divorce lawyers are here to help you with the next steps. We will make your top priorities our own, and explain all of your available options from mediation to separation and more! Call now to request a consultation and begin your journey to a new, better life.


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"The entire staff at Triangle Smart Divorce has been wonderful. My divorce has been extremely complicated and difficult, they have helped and been successful at every turn. They are more than competent and are also very compassionate individuals. They will and do walk you through each and every step to obtain the best results for you. An amazing team!"


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"I would rate everything about my experience with Triangle Smart Divorce as 5 stars. The hardest step of any big decision is the first step. Jessica set the tone from the very first phone call. She was compassionate, calming and reassuring. The whole team has continued to work to maintain a supportive environment during the most difficult time of my life. I’m very grateful."


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"Jenny Bradley and her team at Triangle Smart Divorce was the best decision I made. "


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"Great firm! An outstanding group of professionals who are knowledgeable and care about their clients. I recommend Julianne and the firm to my clients and friends needing divorce and family law services."


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Frequently Asked Questions


A divorce lawyer may seem like an extra expense if both parties agree on the big decisions, but the details of a divorce can be complex and hard to navigate without an expert, and getting the agreement properly written ensures that everyone has the security and clarity they need to move forward with their lives. It’s better to do it right the first time than have to keep going back and fixing mistakes. And, in some cases, you may not be able to fix your mistakes.


You should ask a potential divorce lawyer about their prior experience with cases like yours, their approach to negotiations when couples reach a disagreement, and their personal success rate in arriving at a resolution through negotiation and/or mediation.


You cannot have one lawyer serve both parties in a divorce. This would be a conflict of interest. It’s incredibly important that each party feels their individual needs are represented and voiced, and that cannot be done with a single lawyer serving as the representative for both parties.

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