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Dating After Divorce

Dating After Divorce

Get back in the game: A roadmap to reclaiming your dating life!

What is this course all about?

Before you dive right in, I want to explain to you what this course is and why it was created. Hi, I’m Jenny Bradley, Founder of Triangle Smart Divorce in Cary, North Carolina. We’ve helped so many smart people avoid stupid mistakes when getting divorced. Now, I’m on a quest to help smart people avoid stupid mistakes when dating. Why? Because my mission doesn’t stop with the divorce. We are in the business of helping people transform and create a better future. Divorce is just part of a transformative process. I’m not fully living out my purpose if I don’t help people as they jump into the dating pool. The irony isn’t lost on me that a divorce lawyer is assembling a course on dating after divorce.

At first, it might seem that I would be more qualified to write about how to end a relationship, not how to start one. But here’s the thing. After more than twenty years of being a divorce lawyer, I’ve seen a lot, heard a lot, and learned a lot about relationships, what makes them work, and what makes them fail. I’m sick and tired of seeing people make the same mistakes when they start dating again after their divorce. So, I decided to do something about it. I have called upon experts in their fields to drop truth bombs about how to succeed at dating after divorce. There are common themes in all the chapters. Be authentic. Be yourself. Be self-aware. Learn how to communicate what you need and what you want. We hope you enjoy the course and take away several action items to implement in the next chapter of your life.

Dr. Katrina Kuzyszyn-Jones

In this chapter, Dr. Katrina Kuzyszyn-Jones offers guidance to divorcees experiencing the aftermath of separation or divorce. She explains the importance of going through the grieving process and the value of self-reflection, self-growth, forgiveness, and compassion. By taking the time to reflect on your emotions and needs, you can better understand what you’re looking for in a partner and when you’re truly ready to pursue a new relationship. Dr. Kuzyszyn-Jones is a national forensic and clinical psychology expert who has counseled thousands of families going through separation and divorce. Her purpose is to help you find your purpose.

Attorney Jenny Bradley

Can dating during separation, or even after divorce, affect your legal case? Attorney Jenny Bradley answers that question and more in this chapter. She goes over what you need to tell your ex, what your lawyer needs to know, and how to avoid making mistakes that could lead to unintended consequences! Jenny Bradley is the Founder of Triangle Smart Divorce and aims to stop smart people from screwing up their divorces. Not handling dating appropriately is definitely one way to screw up your divorce.

Lee Heyward

How you think about yourself and present yourself to others has a significant impact on the results you get in life, personally and professionally. In this chapter, Lee Heyward gives you practical advice on making a good first impression, both in person and on dating apps. Anyone looking to rediscover their authentic selves and rebuild their confidence needs to read this chapter! Lee Heyward is a highly sought-after image and brand consultant who helps business owners look and feel great, which in turn grows their businesses exponentially.

Mackenzie Gokey

This chapter provides a beginner’s guide to online dating for those who are separated or divorced and may not have used dating apps before or have not used them in a long time. Mackenzie Gokey summarizes six popular apps and offers tips on how to create a profile, get a great picture, and stay safe. She wants to take away the mystery behind dating apps and provide valuable tools and tips to make online dating a more enjoyable experience! Mackenzie Gokey is an accomplished marketing professional who has assisted company growth with her keen eye on positioning and “words that sell,” which she’s translated into the augmentation and improvement of many online dating profiles throughout the past ten years.

Dr. Lori Thomas

In this chapter, Dr. Lori Thomas offers unique insight into how children are positively and negatively affected when their parents begin dating after divorce. She provides the tools and support needed to successfully integrate dating into your life as a parent, including tips for how and when to introduce dating partners to your children. Dr. Thomas is a frequently called-upon expert in clinical psychology who has worked with hundreds of children and teenagers adjusting to their parents’ divorces.

Attorney Jenny Bradley

Relationships often fail because people do not understand their partner’s basic innate drives. Jenny Bradley explains how the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment, which has been used by businesses for over 60 years to understand employees’ hardwiring and predict their behavior, can also be used in the dating world to become more aware of what kind of partner would be a good match for you. By understanding one’s own drives and assessing compatibility more accurately, people can identify areas for improvement in their relationships and improve compatibility in future relationships. If you’re looking for a fresh start in your love life, this could be the key to finding a more compatible and fulfilling relationship. Jenny co-authored this chapter with Barry Shulman. Barry is a consultant, career coach, trusted advisor, and expert in the Predictive Index. He’s helped companies and individuals be more self-aware, coachable, and effective for over 30 years.

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